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Action, excitement, joyful laughter, these are the thrilling elements of the circus ring. Dedicated hours of practice, intense focus, and anticipation are the elements of circus life behind the curtain. A close community with strong bonds of caring surrounds the circus performers. Belfontaine understands all the "faces" of circus.
Belfontaine has been studying and painting his favorite subjects, CIRCUS LIFE” for 32 years. A self-taught photo-realist painter for 35 years, he has won numerous awards throughout New England, including Best of Show and People’s Choice, depicting life with the circus. “The circus inspires me. It has all the elements that challenge me artistically, color, movement and drama,” says Belfontaine. In July 2003 John traveled with “The Big Apple Circus”, one of the few remaining traditional one ring traveling tent circus fashioned

in the European Equestrian Circus style. His goal was to paint, draw and photograph the performer’s life, both in the spotlight and behind the scenes. “I want to record visually the extraordinary dedication, proud tradition and family spirit that the one ring circus carries on!”
Also included here are works featuring the renowned Marcel Marceau, the defining master of Pantomime.
Belfontaine works in many mediums such as oil, acrylics, watercolor, charcoal, clay and wood. John moved from New Hampshire to Connecticut in 2000. Following his dream to live, travel and work alongside The Big Apple Circus, he moved to western Connecticut to be closer to the circus in NYC and other east coast performing locations. His works have been exhibited extensively throughout New Hampshire, New York and Connecticut. He is a member of the New Hampshire Art Association, Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists and the Circus Fans of America. He also founded and directed the New Hampshire Artists’ Guild from 1988-1990.